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Top Condo Buildings in Airdrie

One of the most popular housing styles in Airdrie lately has been condos. With prices on the rise, many buyers look towards condos as a more affordable and low maintenance option as compared to other homes. The 4 buildings I’ve selected for this list all have their differences that will appeal to different buyers in unique situations.


The Breeze

You’ll find the Breeze in the southwest quadrant of the city and this is one of the city’s most sought after apartment buildings due to a few reasons.

One being how close it is to all the canals in Bayside. Just outside your door you’ll have easy access to the water, walking paths, and green space that the neighbourhood offers. Plus, just across the street you’ll find an outdoor skating rink and the Bayside Commercial area with a bunch of local favourites such as Sorso Lounge, Tequila and Tacos, and Thai Charm. This complex also has its own playground on site!

Another reason people love these condos, is because you'll find some very spacious units. The average 2 bedroom condo in Airdrie is typically around 800-950 square feet, but the Breeze offers many units over 1,000 square feet and even some 3 bedroom units that are over 1,300 square feet! This is the only building in Airdrie where you’ll find 3 bedroom condos, although they don’t come up for sale very often.

Now, the condo fees here vary quite a lot due to the size differences, but for a 2 bedroom you’ll be in the $450 per month range and 3 bedrooms units will be around $550 per month.

The Chateaux

The Chateux is Airdrie’s most luxurious and currently newest apartment building, with building 1 being built in 2016 and building 2 being built in 2018. You’ll find this complex in the southeast in the community of Kings Heights.

What makes this complex unique is the age restrictions. They are strictly 40+ for those living there. Of course you can have your kids or grandkids come over and stay the night, but just to visit. Many who are downsizing but still want the luxuries and high quality finishes they had in their family homes choose The Chateaux. The units include a ton of upgrades, some of them being in-floor heating, quartz countertops, closet built-ins, cordless blinds, and A/C in many units. Because the buildings are so new as well, all of the units that have been on the market have been extremely well maintained.

The complex is especially popular due to its proximity to everyday needs like groceries, restaurants, and other services. Even though it can get busy in the Kings Heights shopping area, you won’t have to go very far for most daily conveniences, the only issue you may find is some traffic noise during rush hour times.

The monthly condo fee depends on your unit, but if you have a 1 bedroom you’ll likely be around $300 per month, and if you have a 2 bedroom your condo fee will likely be about $500 a month, and that includes a recreation room and an outdoor patio area.

The Edge

You’ll find this complex on the east side of Airdrie right beside Genesis Place Rec Center and East Lake. These aren’t the most luxurious condos in Airdrie or the biggest or the newest, but if being close to all the recreation this location offers you, then this could be the condo for you!

At Genesis place of course you have all the typical resources a rec center offers, such as swimming, skating, a fitness gym, multiple gymnasiums, and a lot more. Also, East Lake provides you with walking paths around the lake, soccer fields, tennis and pickle ball courts, sledding hills, and outdoor gym equipment.

Here you’ll find 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom condos ranging from about 600 square feet to 900 square feet or so. The 2 condo buildings on the site were actually built a few years apart due to some development delays. The first building was constructed in 2008, and the second building was built in 2013. So, given the 5 year difference, the 2000 building does have newer finishes in it, which typically gives these units a slightly higher price.

As for condo fees here, for the 2 bedroom units you’ll likely be in the $450-550 range, and for the 1 bedroom units you’ll be right around the $350 per month mark.

Chinook Crossing

These ones are a bit different than the other 3 on this list because they are technically a stacked townhome. Which means everyone has their own front entrance and connecting units beside you and either above of below you.

I’ve always been a big fan of this style of home because I feel that they’ve been undervalued for a long time. You get the living space of a condo, while getting the private front door of a townhome, so you don’t have to walk through any common hallway’s or lobby’s to get to your home!

These condos are located in the southwest of the city just north of Chinook Winds Park. Meaning you have perfect access to the biggest recreation park in the city! You’ll be a quick walk away from baseball diamonds, skating rinks, beach volleyball courts, playgrounds, the skate park, and the splash park.

The units themselves here range from 1 bedroom condos around 500 square feet, up to 2 bedroom units up to about 900 square feet. One of the best things about this type of condo, is that since there are less common spaces, that means less cost for the condo board to operate, which means lower condo fees for the owners! Here you’ll find the condo fees for the 1 bedrooms will be around $250 per month, and for the 2 bedrooms you’ll be about $350-$400 per month.


Check out my YouTube video below where I go over everything in this blog post and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more Airdrie related content!

- Brad Walker


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