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Top 5 Reasons Buyers from Ontario HATE Airdrie, Alberta

We've seen our fair share of people move here to Airdrie from Ontario over the past year or two, and now that many have been here for a while, I wanted to find out what they didn't like about living here in Airdrie, Alberta. So, I spoke to some past clients as well as took to some online groups, and these were the most common responses I recieved.

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I've never been to Ontario, but from what I understand there are lakes everywhere. So when you move here and have to take a decent drive to get to a lake, it can be pretty shocking. Many people did say that having the Rocky Mountains so close definitely helped, with having another outlet for nature. Keep in mind, you are in the prairies out here and won't find as many bodies of water as compared to Ontario.


Something people mentioned was missing having four full seasons in the year, especially a proper fall season with moderate temperatures and colourful trees everywhere. You'll find here we mostly get winter and summer, and just a tiny glimpse of fall and spring. This year for example, we saw nearly 30 degree celsius weather in mid-October and a week later we had a foot of snow. The seasons are a bit more sporadic and not as evenly spread throughout the year.


The third thing people don't like about Airdrie, is not having a great public transit option to the big city. In the greater Toronto area you have the GO Train that goes to many of the neighbouring cities, with the longest leg of that being 130 kilometres long.

There is the Airdrie Ice bus system that goes to downtown Calgary, but it's only a couple routes and only stops right in downtown. You do also have taxi's and Uber's, just no real train connecting us to Calgary. One of the reasons we don't have that here, is that traffic isn't nearly as bad as it is in the GTA, so it's not as important to have a city to city public transit.


If I've ever felt intrigued to make a trip out east it's now, because the amount this came up was pretty insane. People miss the pizza from Ontario. I don't know what Ontario pizza is like, apparently super good, but what I can tell you is that if you take a trip to The Pizza Shop, all your worries are probably going to go away.


The thing people seemed to miss most about Ontario is their family back home. If you're starting a new life in a new province, then there likely will be people you're leaving behind, as you do what's best for you and your family. The best solution for this is to just explain to the whole family how awesome Airdrie is, and get them to move out here as well.

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- Brad Walker


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