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Top 5 Older Neighbourhoods in Airdrie

There can be a lot of benefits to buying a home in a mature neighborhood. Things such as larger lot sizes, established services, beautiful green spaces, mature trees, and typically easier access to services.



Located in the northeast part of central Airdrie, tucked in the corner south of Veterans Boulevard, East of Main Street, and West of Highway 2. It’s removed just enough from Airdrie’s downtown core that you can enjoy the peacefulness of the area, but you still have incredibly easy access to Main Street, the shopping area just north of Veterans, and highway 2 to Calgary. 

Jensen is known for its spacious lots and tree lined streets, making it a great place to live for people who want a quiet and private neighborhood. It’s also in the middle of the tri school area, close to wonderful parks, and Plainsmen Arena. 

If being nearby shopping and restaurants is important to you, then this could be a great location. Lots of professional services, smaller businesses, and green spaces are all within walking distance too. Everything is relatively close at hand, making Jensen a very convenient place to call home. 

The housing market here shows a lot of unique property types and styles, which should appeal to a variety of buyers. The homes here were built between 1970 up to about 1998 or so. There are also a lot of renovated homes here now, as the neighbourhood gets older, which has made Jensen one of the best looking older communities in terms of curb appeal. 

Overall, if you want a short drive to the necessities, have schools at your doorstep, and appreciate older charm, then there’s not really much better than Jensen. 

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Next up is Woodside, which is a community based around the city’s only golf course. You’ll find Woodside just west of 8th Street, right below Veterans Boulevard. So away from all the commercial centers, which makes a quieter and less congested area. 

No need to worry though, as you’re still just a short drive to everything Airdrie has to offer. There’s a bunch of businesses that line 8th Street too, from grocery to gas stations to restaurants, if you want a quick late night snack, you’re not gonna be far away. You can also head north or south to the bigger shopping areas.

Besides golfing, you’ll be able to appreciate all the green spaces around you here in Woodside. Monkland Fields, which is a popular soccer park, is within walking distance, in addition to elementary and middle schools right in the area.

There’s also a big emphasis on senior living here, with a senior center that hosts activities, as well as a number of age restricted properties. There are 2 adult only (19+) townhouse complexes and another that’s strictly 50+. There is also a 50+ condo building and 50+ detached homes. The neighborhood was built out from 1987 up until 2004, so the homes here will have an older style to them unless they’ve been renovated inside. 

For condos they’ll be in the $200,000-$250,000 range right now, townhouses in can be anywhere between $300,000-$450,000 and detached homes range anywhere from the high $400’s for the smaller starter homes, all the way up to nearly $700,000 for the bigger homes backing onto the golf course. 

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You’ll find Airdrie Meadows right in the heart of downtown, sandwiched between Main Street and Highway 2. Here, you’re gonna find a lot of first time home buyers, but also a lot of residents who have been there for decades.  

Airdrie Meadows is an affordable and ideal area for young families with easy access to schools, parks, and shopping. Being right central in Airdrie makes for a nice easy walk to plenty of amenities on Main Street, including Tower Lane Mall. You’re also close to other conveniences such as the urgent care and library, and when completed, you could be just a few blocks away from the brand new library as well!

It's also only a short distance away from Nose Creek Park, which is the host of most events within the city throughout the year. From car shows, to movies or music in the park, and everyone's favorite - The Festival of Lights during the holiday season. Nose Creek Park makes it easy to get outside and get active with pickleball courts, open fields, picnic tables, playgrounds, and of course lots of walking paths.

Being right in the middle of the city means the homes here are a bit older, being built in the 70’s and 80’s, with the exception of 1 townhouse complex in the area that was built in the late 90’s. The townhomes will be from the low $200,000s to just over $300,000, the duplexes are currently between $300,000 and $350,000, and detached homes are in the $400,000 to $550,000 range. 


Next up on our list is Meadowbrook and Thorburn, located on the east side of the city, north of Yankee Valley Boulevard and east of East Lake Boulevard. There are only single family homes here, which is very uncommon, especially in the newer areas and these character homes coupled with the wide roads, creates a more relaxed feel.

As a homeowner, the added benefit to only detached homes in the area, is there is a higher percentage of owner occupied homes, which often means that they will be maintained better and the overall curb appeal of the neighbourhood will be nicer.

As for amenities, the north end of Thorburn directly borders onto East Lake Regional Park. Which Features tons of walking paths around the lake, 4 tennis courts, 2 soccer fields, an outdoor hockey rink, outdoor gym equipment, covered picnic tables, and a bookable fire pit area. The fun doesn't stop there, as right beside East Lake is Genesis Place Rec Centre - which right now is Airdrie's only rec center. It's over 450,000 square feet and includes: pools, hockey rinks, gymnasiums, play areas, a full gym with running track, and a gymnastics center.

Now Inside the neighborhood borders, there is only one small strip mall that has a few stores and a gas station. This could be a positive if you prefer a more quiet pace with less traffic, as there’s no one driving through the neighbourhood on their way to go shopping or run errands. Although, just a short drive or walk away are the shopping areas of Yankee Valley Crossing and Kingsview Market. Both feature a range of grocery stores, restaurants, businesses, and services. If you have kids, good news is that all the schools for any age are very close and walkable here as well.

Homes here range from the late 70s all the way to the early 2000s. As I mentioned before, it’s all detached homes, and they’ll currently range from the $400,000s to the $700,000’s, with the exception of a few bigger/fancier homes that have sold in the 8 or 900’s or even above a million. 

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Alright and Lastly we’ll be talking about Waterstone, which is a very small, less known neighbourhood in Airdrie, but it really is one of our hidden Gems in the city. You’ll find it East of Main Street, West of Highway 2, and just North of Yankee Valley Boulevard. As you can see on the map, it’s just tucked into that small corner between those 3 streets. You’re close to everything you could need or want, but yet still feel like you’re in a small town so you kinda get the best of both worlds.

A distinct feature of the neighborhood is the water fountains coming from Nose Creek and the abundance of pathways around the water. Plus you can easily walk to the city’s biggest shopping area, Sierra Springs Shopping Center. The location is also great for quick commutes to Calgary or just to get onto the highway in general. 

You’ll find some good sized homes with big yards, as well as some smaller starter size homes and they’re going to range anywhere from the $400’s to the $700’s in the area. Now the tricky part about finding a home here though, is that since its such a small neighbourhood, there’s only a handful of sales here each year. For example in 2023 there were only 4 homes sold in waterstone!


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- Brad Walker


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