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Top 3 Luxury Neigbourhoods in Airdrie, Alberta

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Just like the name says, a canal is situated right in the middle of the community and is a big plus for people choosing this area. The canals offer tons of opportunity to get outside during all seasons.

In some parts, typically the more luxury parts, of the neighbourhood, you’ll feel like you’re not even in Airdrie anymore, but more of a rural estate community. This is a combination of the huge homes with side entry garages, super wide asphalt roads and no sidewalks and the grassy ditches for drainage, which give even more width to the road. These distinct features are what makes those areas of the Canals so unique! You can’t find streets like that anywhere else in Airdrie.

Driving through the community, you’ll notice how much space there seems to be, in houses or between them, and how well people take care of their properties. There’s definitely a large number of RV’s, boats, and hockey nets, that you’ll see here. Which just goes to show the fun type of people who live here in the area.

Now keep in mind though, not all parts of the neighbourhood are like this. other areas have a large lane homes with carriage suites above the garages, which make for a great income property or home based business. And other areas of the neighbourhood include townhomes, duplexes & smaller single family homes.

A majority of the homes here are a bit older than the other two neighbourhoods on our list, but if you prefer a more classic feel to your luxury home, this could be the place for you!

Being an older neighbourhood, this means you’re very central in Airdrie & puts you adjacent to all the shops and restaurants that line 8th Street. This includes Creekside Crossing, where you’ll find Sobeys, Original Joe’s, and tons of local gems. You’ll also be close to Superstore and Canadian Tire on Veterans Blvd.


Bayside is known for its one-of-a-kind setting for an active, multi-season lifestyle with beautiful canals and extensive walking paths in the community. Residents here love being able to canoe or kayak on the canals in the spring/summer, ice skate in the winter when it freezes over, and walk or bike around them throughout the year. People tend to be very friendly here and won’t hesitate to say hello or shovel your driveway when it snows.

It’s extremely family oriented here with an abundance of playgrounds and greenspaces for everyone to enjoy. This coupled with a wonderful K to grade 4 school and others close by, makes for an amazing place to raise a family. In my opinion, some of the best parks in Airdrie are right here in the Bay Area, and there’s also an outdoor skating rink.

The neighbourhood does have its own commercial area, Bayside Plaza, which hosts a 7-Eleven gas station, plenty of fantastic local restaurants and shops, as well as different professional offices. Locals especially rave about Sorso Lounge, Tequila and Tacos, and Bubble Tea Brewers.

You’ll find the highest percentage of walk-out basement homes here, which almost all back out onto a water feature. Some will have a walking path behind the home, but the most of the luxury ones back out directly onto the water and even have their own dock to the canal.

We see quite a few homes in here that get over the 3000 square foot mark for 2 stories, or some bungalows that are close to 2000 square feet on one level. And many of the most luxurious homes in the area have been built in the past 5 years. This includes the pinnacle of the neighbourhoods luxury, which is Bayside Island. This grouping of homes is on a man made Island on the canal, and features 12 huge lots, all of which are pie shaped with huge backyards, and will feature some of the nicest homes in Airdrie.

Being on the far west side of Airdrie, does mean that you’ll be a little bit further from the biggest shopping areas in Airdrie, but One good thing about being a bit further away, is that it can feel a it more calm and quiet in the neighbourhood.


Coopers Crossing has been voted Airdrie’s best neighbourhood 10 years in a row. Now this is a residents based vote, so basically the community with the most voters wins. But if nothing else, this at least goes to show the sense of community residents here have here in Coopers Crossing about their neighbourhood. Life here is all about thriving and experiencing what it means to live large in a small town. There really is a sense of safety and exclusivity when entering Coopers Crossing, people here know their neighbours and there’s no shortage of friendly interactions.

The community is filled with incredible landscaping, character-rich homes, and an awesome network of pathways connecting every corner. No matter what stage of life you’re in you’ll appreciate the scenic ponds, and if you have kids, they’ll love the fantastic playgrounds found in the area.

Being a well established neighbourhood in Airdrie, this means Coopers is in an excellent location with easy access to the highway, close shopping, multiple schools, and minimal construction.

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Cooperstown Promenade is located on the southwest corner of the neighbourhood, which is a fantastic hub for shopping. Here You’ll find a Save-On-Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, Shell Gas Station, local restaurant favourites, as well as a couple fast food chains, and tons of other great businesses/offices,You certainly won’t need to go far for the essentials. The Sierra Springs shopping center is also just a short drive away regardless of which part of the neighbourhood you live in.

The homes here in Coopers Crossing were built with the intention of being the city’s highest standard, and that pride of ownership really shines through. From stunning architectural elements to gorgeous yards all throughout the community, you won’t have to compromise design or space when living here.

Some of the biggest homes we have inside Airdrie will be found right here in Coopers Crossing, with many over 3000 square feet, and a handful over 4000 as well. The biggest home we’ve ever seen hit the market here in Airdrie was here in Coopers Crossing at 4,500 square feet & another 2,200 sqft in the basement, meaning about 6,700 square feet total.

Also, the most expensive sale ever in Airdrie was also in Coopers at $1.46m. Though that was back in 2014, and we haven’t been able to top it yet! So there’s no question, that if we’re looking at the top luxury neighbourhood in Airdrie, there is a lot of other neighbourhoods that have fantastic incredible luxury homes, but from an overall neighbourhood feel of luxury, coopers crossing definitely takes this one.

You still do have the chance to buy a new build in Coopers Crossing, with plenty of large luxury lots left to choose from! If you are looking to build a luxury home here in Coopers, let me know and I can help you get connected with the right builder for your needs.

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- Brad Walker


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