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The Best Neighbourhoods in Airdrie, Alberta!

Airdrie is a small enough city where there isn't really a bad area to be in. Each neighbourhood offers something different for Buyers and what qualifies as best comes down to personal preference. I've compiled my list based on unique features that I think appeal the most to a majority of people.

For size reference, Calgary's average neighbourhood includes 6,000 - 25,000 people and Airdrie's usually have about 1,800 people in one. So, I may group certain areas that are close to each other and share similar characteristics.

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1. woodside

Woodside is a fairly mature neighbourhood in Airdrie with home ages ranging anywhere from 1987 - 2004. Prices start at about $150,000 for condos and go up to the $600,000's for detached homes.

What makes this community stand out to me is the Woodside Golf Course. Many homes back onto the green space of the 18 hole golf course. If you're into golfing and want to be close to a course, this might be the right neighbourhood for you!

There is a large 55+ presence here, as there is a 55+ condo building and many mature adult oriented town homes.

2. Thorburn & Meadowbrook

These 2 neighbourhoods are located over on the east side of city and the homes range from 1978 - 2009 build. The price of a home is generally $300,000 - $600,000, with the average price of about $400,000.

An interesting thing about this area, is that there are no attached property here at all. So, there are no duplexes, townhomes, row homes, condos, or apartments - it is all detached single family homes.

Some homes have basement suites that have tenants in them, but any kind of rentals here will be out of detached homes.

There is also hardly any commercial presence in these neighbourhoods. The only businesses are on the far side of Meadowbrook in a small strip. This is nice because you know that the only traffic coming through, are people who live in the neighbourhood or are visiting.

3. bayside

Bayside is one of the newer neighbourhoods in Airdrie, with homes ranging from 2002 - present day. At this point homes are going for anywhere from $100,000 - $800,000 for luxury estate homes. They are building a new area called Bayside Island, where there are a few homes that will be worth $900,000 - $1.2m.

For me, the best part about Bayside is the canals. So many homes back onto the water or green space. This gives fantastic views, the ability to go ice skating in the winter, or fishing and kayaking in the summer. There are endless walking paths connecting the community, so you can always get outside and have something fun to do.

Here you can find condos, townhomes, starter detached homes, as well as luxury.

4. Coopers Crossing

Coopers Crossing had to go up on my list, as it's the neighbourhood with the most luxury homes in the city. The age of the homes in the neighbourhood are going to range from 1999 - present day, as they are still building in Coopers. Prices in the area range anywhere from $300,000 - $1.3m for the more high end homes.

Back in our peak market of 2015, we had one home sell for $1.46m which was the most expensive sale ever in Airdrie.

Even though there is a big luxury presence in Coopers Crossing, there are still a ton of homes that are in the more common price range, with about 60% of sales happening between $400,000 - $600,000.

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5. Jensen, airdrie meadows, & the village

The downtown area is the oldest part of Airdrie, with homes dating all the way back to 1910 and as recent as 2000 for original builds. There are some newer homes where people have come in and taken out the old building and replaced it. There's a range of duplexes, townhomes, and detached homes, with prices ranging from $150,000 - $500,000, the more renovated homes being at the higher price points. The newer homes will go for more than half a million, but there really isn't enough homes or sales to say what those prices will be. Now for you mature yard loving home owners, this is exactly where you want to be, as the properties in these neighbourhoods feature big trees and the biggest lots in Airdrie.

Another nice thing about Jensen, Airdrie Meadows, and The Village is that there isn't as much turnover as compared to some of the newer areas in the city, where people are buying and selling 5 years later. Here, there a lot of residents who have been there for 30 - 40 years and plant to stay there.

6. Big Springs

The ages of homes in Big Springs range from 1975 - 2012 and with prices ranging from $150,000 - $400,000. If you're from Airdrie or if you're familiar with Airdrie, you may not consider this to be one of your top neighbourhoods, but I absolutely do. The one specific reason for this is the modular homes on owned land. This is essentially a detached home on your own lot for the same price as a condo. For buyers with a lower budget, this still allows them to own a full size lot with a fraction of the cost of a typical detached home.

I've become a big fan of Big Springs over the years, as I'm not much into condos or townhouses with condo boards. I favour owning it all rather than having a condo board looming over me as home owner. So, this is a great opportunity for Buyers to own their own property if their budget is in that $250,000 range.

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- Brad Walker


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