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Stonegate | Airdrie Neighbourhoods


You’ll find Stonegate in the northwest quadrant of Airdrie, just north of Veterans Boulevard and west of Main Street, and it's home to just over 1,500 people.

Amenities is one of the main reasons people choose this area, as you have a commercial centre at the front of the community with plenty of local businesses and places to eat, and Airdrie Crossing is just across Main Street where you’ll find some big name stores like Superstore, Canadian Tire, Dollarama, Boston pizza, Tim Hortons, and more. So, here you’ll be in a fantastic position to not have to go very far for daily conveniences and essentials.

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The small population and being on the edge of the city makes for a close-knit environment. It can get busier towards the first entrance of the neighbourhood, where all the commercial and townhouses are situated, but outside of that there’s never a crazy amount of traffic and no through traffic inside the neighbourhood.

Another factor to quietness, is that there are no schools directly in Stonegate. Now, because there are no schools here, that means there is only a couple small playgrounds within the neighbourhood. This can attract a more mature crowd and families with older kids or people who aren’t worried as much about features within the neighbourhood like tons of walking paths, green spaces, or landscaping.

If you do have school aged children, kids from kindergarten to grade 5 will go to Ecole Edwards, middle schoolers grade 6-8 will be at Ecole Airdrie, and those grade 9-12 will go to George McDougall High School.

All of these schools are part of what’s

called the tri school area, which is just south in the older part of Airdrie. This will be over a 20 minute walk give or take, but if your kids will be walking, keep in mind they will have to cross a big intersection at Veterans Boulevard. Having all 3 levels of school in the same area can be nice though, because even if you have kids that would be going to different schools, they can still walk to school together!

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As for outdoor recreation, there’s not a ton here. There are a few walking paths on the west side of the neighbourhood, but that's about it. If you like to go for walks, the Williamstown environmental reserve is just about a 10-15 minute walk away and includes the creek running through it, walking trails, and pedestrian bridges.

For the homes in Stonegate. The real estate market is made up of detached homes, semi-detached homes, and 2 townhome complexes. The homes were built from 1999 to around 2006, so unless its been renovated, you aren’t going to find lots of modern style homes here. You’ll find dark hardwood floors, fireplaces, and good sized backyards on most of the properties, with some backing onto farmland to the north, but, there is a community going in back there called Davy Creek.

For prices, townhomes currently will be in the $300,000-$375,000 range or so, the semi-detached homes will be in the $400,000-$450,000 range, and for the detached homes right now they’ll be anywhere between $450,000-$550,000. One other thing to note is that there are a number of the homes will back onto the train tracks to the west side.

Ultimately, the community is great if you want a quiet, relaxing place to live, while still being close to amenities, without all the busy recreation amenities that we see in the newer areas. You won’t have an HOA, there’s not going to be an over saturation of young families, or construction, which can appeal to a lot of buyers.


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- Brad Walker


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