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Sawgrass Park | Airdrie Neighbourhoods


We have the first neighbourhood of the Davy Creek area now very much in the works in the BorthWest corner of Airdrie. This neighbourhood is going to be called Sawgrass Park, and is being developed by Hopewell residential!

In total this first Davy Creek community will be about 278 acres of land, with Reunion and Williamstown to the south, 24th Street on the west side, and the Nose Creek Environmental reserve area on the east side.

The vision for Sawgrass Park, as for many new neighbourhoods going in around Airdrie, is to provide a variety of housing options, some commercial area, and other outdoor amenities for the community.

Starting first with what will be the focal point of the community, the 51 acre environmental reserve on the east side of Sawgrass Park. This will be a continuation of the environmental reserve in Williamstown and it’ll have Nose Creek weaving through it naturally, with plenty of pathways and walking bridges. 

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Moving onto the housing in the area, we don’t have any pricing on housing yet, but the showhomes are being built now, and once they are built we should have more info on exact pricing & floor plans.

For the breakdown of housing, you'll see the map below. The yellow indicates low density, meaning single family homes or semi-detached homes. These will be a range of front garage homes and laned homes with the back alley. You can see all the skinny roads between the lots, those will be the laned homes with the back alley. 

The brown areas will be medium density, so a combination of townhomes and duplexes. The townhomes will be in the area to the north and south of the pink commercial areas on the west of the neighbourhood, and in the block just south of the community activity area. The duplexes are planned to line the streets of both entrances on the west side, and they all have an alley way behind, so I expect these all to be landed home duplexes.

In total there will be 1,302 low density housing units and 472 medium density units, which will bring a population of about 4,800 people to this new neighbourhood once it’s fully built out. 

As for the commercial area, we don’t know exactly what will be going in here yet, but it works out to about 3.7 acres of space, and likely be some mix of retail and office space buildings in here. 

For amenities, of course we have the big environmental reserve on the east side, but there is also 2 storm ponds planned for the community, which means more walking paths, and probably plenty of walk-out basement home options.

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There's also a community recreation site right in the middle of the neighbourhood, to the west of the storm ponds. The plan here is to have an outdoor skating rink, with basketball nets in the summer, a playground, soccer fields, and possibly something like a skate park, splash park, pickleball courts, and stuff like that! It’s also going to be intended as a community gathering place for outdoor pop-up markets and things like that.

Lastly let's chat about the school site here in Sawgrass Park. We don’t know when the school will actually be built, but there is an 8 acre site that will be left open for a future K-9 school in the area. The high school is planned for the 2nd neighbourhood of Davy Creek.


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- Brad Walker


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