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Sagewood | Airdrie Neighbourhoods

Sagewood is technically in southwest quadrant of Airdrie, but if we look at a map of Airdrie it's realistically more in the northwest, since Airdrie keeps building south. It's a good community for people of all ages and stages of life, because, while being close to a number of great amenities & schools, there's also have many different styles of homes here.

For amenities, there are a couple hidden gems here, the first being Monkland Fields. This area features 7 soccer fields, playgrounds, and tons of open space for your activities with family and friends. The fields are set in the northeast corner of the community, right between two of the nearby schools.

The other hidden gem is the Airdrie Community Gardens. Right beside Monkland fields, you can rent a small gardening plot for the season for $30, and grow your own produce, if you dont have the yard space to do it at home!

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As for other amenities, you have a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices nearby. You’re only a short drive away from Creekside Crossing and the businesses lining 8th Street. These include a Circle K gas station, a car wash, some great local restaurants and stores, a Sobey’s grocery store, Original Joe’s, and Shoppers Drug Mart. Everything you’d find in downtown Airdrie on Main Street is just a straight shot down 1st Avenue. The bigger shopping areas in north and south Airdrie are a little bit further away, about a 10 minute drive or so to get to those, and Costco and Cross Iron Mills mall will be about a 15 minute drive.

Being a bit further west and further from those bigger shopping areas means that you can enjoy a quieter day to day lifestyle without all of the thru traffic. Also, being on the west side of the city, leaving town to go to the mountains is a breeze with great access to Highway 567 & Yankee Valley Boulevard to head west towards the mountains.

Now moving onto the schools. You couldn’t really be in a better position for schools for your younger children, than in Sagewood. Kids kindergarten to grade 4 will attend Ralph McCall School and kids 5-8 will attend C.W. Perry School, both of which are on opposite sides of and back onto Monklands Park. There is also a Catholic K-9 School just across 1 Avenue NW, Our Lady Queen of Peace. Your high school students will commute to Bert Church High School by East Lake. To give you an idea, if your middle schooler was walking to school, and you lived at the furthest Sagewood house from the school, it would only be about an 8 minute walk or so.

For homes in the area, there is quite the variety! We have detached homes, both front attached garages, and rear detached garages, duplexes, townhomes, and condos in the area. You can find a condo in Sagewood in the $160,00-$220,000 range right now. The tricky part is finding one for sale as there’s just one condo building and the units don't go up for sale very often at all. We actually haven’t seen a single listing in that building for the past 8 months.

Moving onto the townhouses in Sagewood. We have 2 different townhouse complexes in the neighbourhood, and both offer some variety of what you can find. The oldest of the two was built between 2004 & 2006 and has 2 story townhomes with no garage, 2 story townhomes with a single attached garage, and also bungalow style stacked townhomes, which have more of a apartment feel inside but have their own separate entrance.

The next townhomes built were between 2007 & 2008 and same thing in here we have a mix of 2 story units with or without a garage, and a few bungalow models in there as well. For a townhome in the area you can pay anywhere from $200,000 to just over $300,000.

Up next we have the duplexes. There isn’t a lot of them, but as seems to be the theme for Sagewood, we still have a variety in options. We have some duplexes that are part of a condo complex that you will have a condo fee with, which comes with additional maintenance items taken care of. In there we see both 2 story and bungalow units with attached garages and right now they are typically between $350,00-$400,000. We also have 1 street of duplexes that back into Monkland fields that are freehold with no condo fee. These ones are all 2 stories with attached garages and will be in the $450,000-$500,000 range right now.

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That brings us to our single family homes. Homes started being built here in 2003 and were done being built in 2014. For detached homes we have smaller 2 story starter homes with the rear detached garage, all the way up to the large walkout homes backing onto the pond with the attached garages, and everything in between. That’s one thing that many people don’t know about Sagewood, is how many walk out basement homes we have here. There’s the pond, canals area, and river rock bed that are all lined with walk out basement homes! Depending on the type of home you’re looking for, you could spend anywhere from the low $400’s to the mid $600’s on your detached home here.

I’d recommend Sagewood to those of you who prefer to be a bit further from the busy shopping areas, but still close to schools, and still with quick acces to the major routes out of town. Given the range of housing we see in the area, we see a wide range of ages in here as well. So, if you like to be in a neighbourhood that's not all young families, or all older couples, you may like the mix that we see here as well!


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- Brad Walker


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