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Reunion | Airdrie Neighbourhoods

Reunion is the most Northwestern neighbourhood in Airdrie right now, located on the west side of 8th Street and north of Veterans Blvd. Entering the community, you’ll notice the small town charm in the street signs, landscaping, and white picket fences throughout the area.

There is also a huge pond on the northeast edge of the neighborhood which highlights the pathway system connecting the various playgrounds in Reunion and to Williamstown. This is actually the biggest pond in Airdrie, so you can bet that in the winter there will be plenty of ice rinks shovelled out on the ice here as well.

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As for schools, Herons Crossing School is located right in the middle of Reunion and Williamstown and serves kindergarten to grade 8 students. Your older kids grade 9-12 will attend George McDougall High school, which is a short drive away in Old Town.

Reunion is perhaps the most quiet area in Airdrie because it’s further away from any commercial, railway, airplane noise, and the highway. One of the biggest benefits of living here is that because it’s so out of the way, you know that whoever is coming in and out of the neighbourhood either lives there or is visiting someone who does, which makes it really safe and just less busy.

Now even though you are in the top corner of Airdrie, and far away from all that noise, Amenities are still fairly close though, just about a 5 minute drive east you’ll find a great shopping area with a Superstore Canadian Tire, Dollarama, restaurants, and plenty of other businesses. But if you’re hungry & the 5 minute drive is too long, you might opt for the 3 minute drive to the Silver Creek Shopping Center which features one of my favourite restaurants in Airdrie, Alexander’s Steakhouse!

Reunion is a bit further from the other larger shopping centers such as the Sierra Springs Shopping Centre or Kingsview Market, but everything in Airdrie is typically under a 15 minute drive. Not being as close to stores and recreation is the trade off for such a quiet neighborhood.

You’ll also be a touch further to Cross Iron Mills Mall, Costco & Calgary Than some of the more Southern neighbourhoods in Airdrie, but not by much.

Moving onto the real estate here, The oldest homes in the area were built in 2006 and the newest go all the way up to 2022. The style of homes here really does range quite a lot just given the style changes from when the neighbourhood started being built to when it finished, so I’d say you are pretty likely to find some finishes that fit your personal taste here.

Some of the common features are private yards, full basements, and open floor plans. There are only semi-detached and detached homes in Reunion and prices begin in the mid $400’s and can go up to over $700,000 for right on Reunion Pond.

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If you’re looking for a cozy, quiet area away from all the busyness and don’t mind the extra driving time to get to the essentials, then Reunion could be the place for you.


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- Brad Walker


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