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New Library & Must-Use Space in Airdrie

You may have heard that Airdrie is getting a new library, set to open in 2025! To some this is super exciting news, to others, not so much. I wanted to go through some of the details as it's going to be much more than just a typical library. The idea of the facility is to create a place for people to gather, connect, and learn together as a community, through a range of different spaces & activities.

The facility will be located at the site of the city’s old fire hall on main street and demolition began just this month with construction planned for spring of 2023.

Airdrie has one of the highest used libraries per capita with approximately 90,000 visits annually. Our population also continues to grow like crazy. By the time this new library opens, we’ll be well above 80,000 people here in Airdrie. So, the demand is definitely there for a larger space and it will be great to see this kind of building in the heart of downtown.

If you’ve been to the Central Library in downtown Calgary, it feels like the design for this library is going for a very similar concept in terms of usability. These renderings give an idea of what the building & grounds could end up looking like. The building itself will be 85,000 square feet, including a 60,000 square foot library and 25,000 square feet of multi-use space. Bow Valley Collage will also have a space on the upper floor. The project has an estimated budget of just over $62 million dollars, $62,703,550 to be exact. Our current library holds about 80,000 items between books, dvd’s, games, and so on. The new library will house 160,000 items! So the amount of items in the library is going to double with the new facility!

The main entrance has been described as a living room type of area, with flowing transition between the multi-purpose space and proper library. This area will include magazines, newspapers, and other interactive items like puzzles, art books or coffee table books. This level will also feature books for preschool aged and young children, and an art development area.

The 2nd level is where you’ll find adult and young adult sections. As well as a maker spaces & quiet areas. One of the main goals for both levels is to address multiple uses, learning styles, and different seating arrangements. Programming and study areas of various types will be located throughout both levels.

The children’s department will have some open programming, as well as a play literacy space around the edges. Plans include quiet study rooms, single table study areas, work areas, office spaces and group tables, and an audio and video production room. It’s also been released that they are considering retractable walls to allow public access to program spaces after library hours, but that decision will come down to cost.

Although we’re in the very beginning stages of construction I know I’m excited to see what the building and area will turn out like and it’ll be great to have a space like this to take the kids. I've attached the floor plans for both levels below and the outline for the outdoor area.


Check out my YouTube video below where I go over everything in this blog post and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more Airdrie related content!

- Brad Walker


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