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Morningside | Airdrie Neighbourhoods

The small neighbourhood of Morningside is somewhat of an extension of Coopers Crossing, located on the East side of Coopers Crossing and the west side of the train tracks. It's a beautifully developed community with affordable homes and tons of amenities just minutes away. To give you an idea, Morningside shares Coopers Drive SW as its main road in and out of the community. This means the areas blend right into one another and anything in Coopers is extremely close if not across the street from you here.

The closest commercial area is Coopers Crossing Promenade, which features a variety of great local restaurants and businesses, as well as a Save-On-Foods, a gas station, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other fast food joints. On the north end of the community, you’ll be close to Luxstone Plaza across Yankee Valley Boulevard, which plays host to a gas station, and a few more shops, businesses, restaurants.

All around, Morningside has great access to all the major shopping centers in the city, and is the closest you can get to the 40th Avenue overpass, which when completed will give you one of the fastest commutes to Calgary from Airdrie.

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The area is filled with lots of green spaces and parks, which give you a variety of outdoor options for you and your family. This includes 2 large ponds here, which most big communities only have 1 pond, and both have pathways surrounding them that also connect to every area of Morningside.

There are also 2 fantastic playgrounds right in Morningside, and just across the way in Coopers Crossing there are multiple more, which will prove to be very convenient for those of you with children. As far as playgrounds and play spaces go, you’re definitely not going to have a lack of them here.

All the schools in the area are within walking distance. Kids kindergarten to grade 5 will attend Coopers Crossing School, kids grade 6-8 will attend Northcott Prairie School, which is just south of Morningside in the community of Hillcrest, and kids grade 9-12 will attend W.H. Croxford High School, about a 20 minute walk to the north side of the neighbourhood of Prairie Springs.

Now for Catholic schools, we do have St. Veronica School right in Morningside and your K-grade 9 kids will go there. The Catholic high school is also just on the north end of Coopers Crossing, so very close as well!

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Now moving onto the homes here in Morningside. They started being built in 2005 and finished being built in 2012. One unique thing about Morningside is that there are actually only detached homes in the community, consisting of both front drive homes and lane homes. This is one of only a couple other communities in Airdrie that share this feature, the others being Meadowbrook and Thorburn.

For a front drive home, you can currently expect to pay anywhere from the mid $500s, all the way up to around $650,000. The higher end will mostly be those larger homes, that are close to that 2,500 sq.ft mark or those really nicely landscaped walk-out basement homes.

Lane homes right now are going for anywhere between $400,000 to just above $500,000 depending on the updates that have been done and the condition of the home itself.

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One thing I did mention at the beginning of the video is that many of the homes back onto the railroad, and that noise can bother some people. Other people it may not bother at all. Besides that, I’d consider Morningside one of the quieter and more peaceful communities in Airdrie, as there’s never a ton of traffic due to the location of the area. With the parks, ponds, and schools all very close, it definitely can be a good area for families here in the city!


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- Brad Walker


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