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Key Ranch | Airdrie Neighbourhoods


You'll find this new area on the west side of the city, west of 24th Street, and south of the community of Wildflower. The land here has a pretty good incline up from 24th Street, which means a couple things. One, it means there a good chance that you’ll have a view of the city, since you’ll likely be able to see above the houses that are on the lower side of the hill. Two, there should be quite a few walk-out basement home options. Now, the downside to this incline, is we could find a lot of the backyards are sloped, and may need some extra landscape work to flatten them out a bit.

The neighbourhood in total will be 160 acres, with about 90 acres of that being used for residential use, 30 acres for the roads, and the remaining 40 is made up of 2 future school sites, one is designated for a high school, and other will be for future school needs here in the city, and also a range of park and playground areas throughout. 

There’s one storm pond that will run along 24th street, and then a few other green space areas throughout the community. The nice thing about the pond being along 24th, is that means that it’ll keep more houses from having to back directly onto 24th Street, which will become a busier and busier street as Airdrie continues to grow. 

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Here you can see the pond down there by 24th, and all the roads and green spaces, and then we can also see how the residential land will be designated. So, all the lighter yellow will be single family homes with no back lane, which we can assume will all be front garage homes. Those 3 strips of brighter yellow areas, those are our single family laned homes, that will have a parking pad or a garage in the backyard. Moving from there we can look at the light orange land, there will be the semi-detached homes, or the duplexes in the area. Lastly looking at the 5 blocks of brown on the map, those are out multi-family areas. So multi-family can mean townhouses or condos. In this case it’s specified as medium density, so I’m expecting all 5 of these areas to be townhouses.

In total, Key Ranch will add 1,186 additional housing units to Airdrie, and if we break that down by category, we’ll see 529 detached homes, 90 lane homes, 358 duplex style homes, and 210 units in the multi-family areas. Currently there is 4 builders in the area, Akash Homes, Bedrock Homes, Prominant Homes, and Sterling Homes.

Now, in the first phase, all 4 of the builders are building single family front drive homes and Prominent and Akash will also be building front drive duplexes in the first phase. Sterling has released pricing, saying their two-storey front attached garages will start in the $700s, with a range of 1,500-2,600 sq.ft. Bedrock has released some models and they are looking to be about 2,000-2,700 sq.ft, with their starting prices being about $675,000. Prominent Homes has released 4 plans, duplexes starting in the high $500s and they are 1,500-1,600sq.ft with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. Their Detached front garage homes are 2,000 and 2,200 sq.ft, and start in the high $600s.

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Now as far as timeline for these builds, they have JUST started putting in homes in the area, with the first couple foundations being started, likely for some of the show homes. So we’d be looking at likely early 2025 possessions at this point for the neighbourhood. 


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- Brad Walker


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