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Goldwynne Prairie Estates | Update

In our original post 2 months ago, some sales were just starting to happen and a few key builders hadn’t released any of their lots yet. The land was still just being graded to the proper levels, with no utilities in the ground or anything like that yet, it was still quite early on in the process.


There’s more activity on site now than there was a couple months ago with utilities starting to go into the ground, which means that roads will not be far away. So, progress is definitely happening here, with crews out there every day getting the community closer to being built.

The area they are developing is for phases 1, 2, and 3, with the rough timeline is about 1 phase per year here in Goldwynne. As these things go though, we were hoping to see homes starting to be built this summer, but now it looks like the first builds are going to start around November or December. So, you can expect the first possessions here will now be likely early 2025.

For builders, Green Cedar Homes had most all of their lots sold in-house to family, friends, and clients, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity there for new customers to get into one of their lots. Unfortunately for many buyers, they had a lot of the really nice walk-out lots that are now all accounted for.

Moving onto Brilliance Homes. I had a few conversations with Brilliance homes over the past few months discussing their lots. They have also now sold out of the lots they had available, but they may have another release of 10 lots in August or September.

Next up, and one of the most anticipated builder releases we saw in Goldwynne is McKee Homes. Being a prominent Airdrie builder, and with a lot of interest in Goldwynne coming from people who live in Airdrie, McKee to many felt like the builder they could trust the most in Goldwynne. In addition to that trust factor, they also were promising some of the lowest prices in the neighbourhood compared to the other builders. Which honestly I don’t think they’re going to be able to keep a lot of those price promises unfortunately.

Since McKee had such a large wait list of interested buyers in Goldwynne due to those 2 reasons, they decided to do a lot draw for their lots. They did the low draw a few weeks ago, and all of their lots were spoken for within a couple days. Of course as people discussed pricing and homes with McKee, some buyers would end up backing out, but the next in line on the wait list will get their place. At this point, McKee is not sold out, but working through their wait list, as people back out of their lot hold and this is where overpromising on prices is starting to hurt them unfortunately.

Which brings us now to Aspen Creek Homes. This is one of the builders that still has lots available and they aren’t selling out at record pace either like the other builders. They are purposefully not selling out as fast as they can because they understand that the builds aren’t starting until at least December and into 2024. Aspen Creek is more interested in getting the right people in their homes, that will appreciate the care and detail that this boutique style builder puts into their homes.

You see, Aspen Creek Builds about 30-40 homes per year, all in these luxury estate style communities. So, not only are they well equipped to build the type of home Goldwynne demands, but they do it at the highest quality that you’d expect. They are a fully custom builder, not a mass producing builder like many others. This means every house they build, they want to build it to be perfect for you and your family. You’ll sit down with the actual owner of the company to help design and build your dream home.

In the SE corner of phase 1 is all of their builds, so once its built out you can bet that this is gonna be one nice looking street! Aspen Creek is I’d say the highest quality builder here in Goldwynne. Their homes will all be in the $1.1-$1.7m price range.

We still have Castellano homes, Sterling Homes, and Akash Homes. These 3 builders I have not been able to get any good information from about their plans in Goldwynne, or the specific lots that they have, or will have available.

On the phase lot map here you can see where the first 4 builders are building on their highlighted areas, but that whole section in the middle I don’t have a plan with who’s building on which lots, but I do know that they have been assigned to these 3 builders. My guess is that they will be split up something like this, in 3 sections for each builder, but I don't know the specifics yet.

In this middle section though there are 4 more walk-out basement lots that I know will be high demand when we find out who’s building on them. On this image here you can see that we highlighted where those 4 walk-out lots are. Keep in mind, that aspen creek does still have a couple walkouts available in that SE corner as well!


Check out my YouTube video below where I go over everything in this blog post and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more Airdrie related content!

- Brad Walker


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