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Davy Creek | Airdrie Neighbourhoods

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You're gonna find Davy Creek in the northwest quadrant of Airdrie, spread across 480 acres north of the existing communities of Reunion, Williamstown, Silver Creek, and Stonegate.  The land itself here slopes slightly from a high west point down to Nose Creek (which will be protected environmental reserve) at the center of the site, and is relatively flat east of that. 

On this map you can see where that reserve will be, and it’ll just be a continuation of the environmental reserve that we have in Williamstown. The area is being developed by Section 23 Developments, in partnership Hopewell Residential.

The idea is to turn this area into 3 individual neighbourhoods. Across all 3 areas there’s planned to be a variety of housing styles, commercial/mixed use areas, community amenities, and natural open spaces. The main focal point will be the central environmental reserve and a pathway system that can connect people to that environmental reserve, and also to park spaces, storm ponds, 2 joint use school sites, and a high school site.  

Each of the neighborhoods 1, 2, and 3 respectively can be accessed through 24th Street, 8th Street, and Main Street, being the main North/South roads in each area. Neighbourhood 1 is the largest of the three (24th Street to the west and Nose Creek to the east) and will be made up of primarily residential with open spaces, public utility, and institutional uses. That joint use school site will be included here, as well as a “community node” of recreational facilities supporting live-work units and small-scale retail. This will be a smaller commercial area intended to give some retail and employment opportunities and will be more pedestrian oriented. 

Neighborhood 2 is bounded to the west by Nose Creek and to the east by the C.P. Railway. This will also include a joint use and high school site. The concept here will be much the same as neighbourhood 1, lots of residential homes, supported by open space and public utility and institutional uses like neighborhood 1.

Neighbourhood 3 contains the portion east of the railway (with a pedestrian crossing) and will provide a mix of residential and non-residential uses, with commercial uses oriented to Main Street and a business park. This commercial will be a comprehensive commercial area that will transitionin from auto-oriented to pedestrian uses. The mixed use area here will be high density to allow residents to live close to employment, shopping, and commercial services. So, likely townhouses in here, and maybe condos.

The overall area of Davy Creek is set to achieve a density of 8 units per acre. Higher density uses will be strategically located in proximity to transportation and future access. Laned housing products will be utilized along collector roads to create a more attractive street look. Low density is intended for single family detached and semi-detached, medium density is for semi-detached and townhouses. 

For the breakdown of the 3 areas and the living units we’ll see in each, here’s what the area structure plan tells us: Neighbourhood 1 will be 220 acres, it'll have 1,760 dwellings, and a population of about 5,069 people, neighbourhood 2 will be 85 acres, it’ll have 680 dwellings, and a population of around 1,958 people, and neighbourhood 3 will be 93 acres, it’ll have 345 dwellings, and a population of about 994 people in this section.

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- Brad Walker


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