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All About Airdrie Property Taxes

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Property tax timeline

January - February:

When you own property in the Airdrie, you're going to receive a property assessment in the mail every year sometime in late January or early February.

The city uses a mass appraisal approach when doing these assessments, which gives you an approximate value for your home. It can vary quite a lot from the actual current market value.

Some factors they will use to determine values is: the location, size of the lot, square footage of the home, and the year it was built

They're not looking inside your home like a Realtor or appraiser would, so this is a very general value.

February - March:

Once you receive your assessment, you have a 60 day period up until the end of March to get in any complaints or disputes you have regarding your assessment.

Now, if your value is lower than you think it should be, I wouldn't recommend saying anything as that just means you'll pay lower taxes.

On the other hand, if your value comes in way higher than you think your home is worth, that's when you might want to dispute it to hopefully lower your assessed value.

April - May:

The city council takes April and May to determine what the property tax rate is going to be for the upcoming year.

They will go through all the city's expenses and remove any revenue such as sales, licensing fees, or provincial grants. Whatever is left over is the amount that needs to be made up by property taxes.

From there, the total required revenue is divided by the total assessed value of all the property in the city and that's how we get our tax rate.

Our current tax rate is 0.749801% for this, but this will change every year.

Now that they know the tax rate they will take your assessed value and multiply it by the tax rate to come up with your property tax bill.

May - June:

The property tax bills will be mailed out by the end of May or early June and the amount owed is due by the end of June.

how to pay

There are a couple different ways you can pay your property tax bill each each year: you may be able to do it through your lender or directly through the City of Airdrie.

The city doesn't have any uncharges if you decide to pay monthly, they will just provide you with a breakdown and you'll pay each month right from your bank account.

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what it gets used for

You may be wondering what the money you pay actually goes towards.

Well 34% of your property tax is going to go to the provincial education system. This number is set by the province, so the municipality doesn't have any say on what that percentage is going to be each year. The amount is collected and then disbursed across Alberta by need.

1% is going to the Rockyview Foundation, which is a not for profit association that provides low rental housing for seniors in our community.

The remaining 65% is used for expenses here in Airdrie: 36% goes to growth and protective services (RCMP, fire), 25% goes to administration, 23% goes to infrastructure (parks, roads), 15% goes to

services (rec centre, transit), and 1% to council.

How airdrie compares to other cities


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- Brad Walker


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