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Airdrie Neighbourhoods | Canals


You'll find the Canals in the southwest of Airdrie, most well known for the waterways running throughout the neighbourhood. This area was the first in the city to have these man made canals, but is no longer the only one. You can kayak or canoe on the Canals, shovel off skating rinks in the winter, and there's also pathways surrounding the beautiful scenery.

Being located quite central means you’re in a good position to reach tons of amenities. The closest shopping is across 8th Street and includes a Sobeys, Good Earth Coffeehouse, and a few good restaurants. Also, right on the Northeast corner is a small commercial area with a Circle K gas station, car wash, Quick Lube, and a couple more restaurants. The bigger shopping centres will need to be driven to, but will only be about a 7 minutes away or so.

As for schools in the area, kids from kindergarten to grade 4 will go to Ralph McCall school, which is right inside the Canals. Kids from grade 5-8 will go to CW Perry middle school in the neighbouring community of Sagewood and easily walkable. Those high school students from grade 9-12 will go to Burt church High School, which is the longest commute to the east side of Airdrie.

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Now, for homes in the area there is a big variety, with a lot of different styles and options to choose from. The neighbourhood has been being built since 1998, with construction still happening in 2023. The canals has one of the longest neighbourhood buildouts we’ve seen. One style of home that you won’t find here in the Canals though, is purchasable condos. There is however a rental only condo building on the south side of the neighbourhood.

There are 4 different townhouse complexes, all condo ran, so they all have an accociated monthly fee. The townhouse ages range from 2002 up to 2023 build and beyond. Right now for a townhouse you can expect to pay anywhere from $350,000-$400,000. Now onto the duplexes, or semi-detached homes. These were built anywhere between 1999 and 2014 and can be anywhere from $400,000-$500,000.

Which brings us now to the detached homes, and here’s where the variety and uniqueness really kicks in. Of course you have your regular detached homes, which could be either a laned home with a rear detached garage or a front attached garage home, but the Canals has an elevated version of both styles.

For the laned homes, there is a section of the canals commonly referred to as Channelside, where the city of Airdrie has zoned these properties to have carriage suites above the rear triple detached garages. This presents a great opportunity to have an extra 500-600 square feet of living space for yourself to use or to use as a legal rental suite.

For the front attached homes, there are a few streets in the Canals that offer a more estate style vibe to them, with a sidewalk on one side of the road and a drainage ditch on the other, creating a very wide road space. The large lots in these area also gives the ability to build angled garages, which just adds to the luxury feel.

So given the range of detached homes, the prices in here can vary anywhere from the mid $400’s, all the way up to about $900,000 currently. There are some recently built homes that are worth easily into the $1.1m-$1.2m range, but have never hit the market.


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- Brad Walker


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