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Airdrie Market Update June 2023

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Market Statistics Overview

We had 225 sales in the month of May, which is up from the 170 we had in April and we did see a good jump in new listings as well with 260 new listings. The combination of both made it so our inventory didn't move up all that much, only 10 homes higher than last month. At any given time, only about 120-130 homes are fully available without a conditional sale.

All those numbers gave us a month of supply of just 0.85 months, which brings us below 1 month and into extreme sellers market territory. There's only ever been one other time in the last two decades, that we've dipped below that 1 month mark and that was last spring. Last year we saw 3 out of 4 styles under 1 month supply and that's the same story now, but a different style is left out. In 2022 it was condo's that had a higher month of supply.

Trends & Pricing

We saw condo prices go up another 1.8% in just the last month, on average selling 2% above the list price, and we currently have a months of supply of 0.71. Townhouse prices rose 1.7%, on average selling for 2.7% above their list price, with a months of supply of 0.36 months. Our semi-detached went up 1.1% in price, selling closer to list price in this segment just 0.2% higher, and they have a months of supply of 0.56 months. That brings us to detached homes, which now you know are the style that are lagging behind at a months of supply of 1.17, but that number is coming down every month and prices are still up 1.1%, so houses are selling for about $6,000 more than last month, at an average of 0.3% over list.

It should also be mentioned that as of this month, our detached and semi-detached homes have surpassed their peak prices of 2022, so now every segment of our market are at all time high prices.

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Buyer & Seller Advice

We have lots of buyers still buying which continues to put upward pressure on our market. So, if you currently own a home this is great news as your networth is growing every single month. If you don't yet own real estate this can definitely be hard to hear and I do expect prices to increase over the next few years, so my advice would be to get into the market as soon as you can.


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- Brad Walker


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