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Airdrie Market Update July 2023

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Market Statistics Overview

This month in Airdrie we had 221 sales compared to last month's 225 sales, 245 new listings compared to 260 from the previous month as well, which left us with 191 in inventory, the exact same number that we started June with. For months of supply we ticked up just 0.01% to 0.86 months overall, so nearly identical to May, but that is the first time our months of supply has increased in 2023.

The stat that changed the most is that year over year benchmark price change, which last month read 0.6% and jumped to 3.00%. By this time last year our prices were starting to decline from the peak we had in April 2022, so this makes the year over year price change seem larger than it actually is. Also since our prices are still going up, that's going to naturally bring up that percentage.

We usually see a bigger drop off in sales and new listings in June compared to what we experienced this year, but it appears that the spring market is holding out a bit longer.


Our apartment prices saw an increase of 3.5% just in June, up to a benchmark price of $241,700 now moving into the summer months. This is the biggest increase we saw out of any of the styles of homes and it's a huge one at that. Next up townhomes, had a 2.4% increase bringing them up to a benchmark price of $335,600. For those duplexes or semi-detached homes, they saw a 1.9% increase last month, giving them a benchmark price of $465,700. Lastly, those detached home prices went up 1.7% in the last month, putting there. benchmark price at $597,000.

So overall, those increases mean that June was the biggest month for price increases so far this year, and from a year to date standpoint that places Airdrie at a 7.5% price increase since January. It doesn't look like pricing in out market is coming down, but that ever so slightly higher months of supply could mean the increases slow up throughout the next couple months which is normal from a seasonal standpoint. I could see our months of supply getting above that 1 month mark by the end of the summer, with price increases each month of about a half a percent.

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Buyer & Seller Advice

If you're new to the market, my advice would be to get in and find a home as soon as possible so that way you can enjoy the benefits of that increased equity overtime. For sellers, prices are at all time highs right now, but I do expect them to keep going up. So, if you want to sell and move to your next home, absolutely go ahead with another purchase. On the other hand, if you're looking to just sell a property like a rental, I would advise against that at this point unless you really need to.


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- Brad Walker


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