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Big Springs | Airdrie Neighbourhoods

If you're looking for a neighborhood that's affordable on a smaller budget, you'll want to check out Big Springs. Here in the southeast part of the city, you have the opportunity to get into the housing market and own your own land, with no condo fees, for a fraction of the cost compared to other areas in Airdrie. This is thanks to a large number of manufactured homes, on OWNED land, starting in the $250,000 range.

Now, I find these homes have a bit of a bad reputation due to the common misconception that manufactured homes, means trailer park. The term trailer park is a very specific type of area that includes these modular homes, but on small leased lots. Meaning you rent the lot it sits on, on a monthly basis, kind of like a camp site, and you only own the mobile home that sits on top of the lot.

Here in big springs ALL of the mobile homes in here are on owned land, meaning that you control the land just like any other detached home, and you also get a lot size thats similar to other detached homes! These really end up being detached homes, just without the basement. I find these are an incredible option for first time home buyers, who have a budget of under $300,000 or $350,000, but still want a detached home, a yard, and no condo fees.

There are also lots of typical detached homes with basements here in Big Springs. For these, you can expect to pay anywhere from the mid 300’s to the mid 500’s. Houses started being built in the 70s and the newest you’ll find are 2012 construction, plus quite a few flips or updated places. Also since a lot of the community is modular homes, we’re starting to see more of these modular homes from the 70’s and 80’s being swapped out for newer models! The majority of styles for the permanent detached homes include a mix of bi-level, bungalow and 2 story homes, and both front attached garage style, or rear detached garage.

Now, there is an apartment style condo building in the area, and they don’t go up for sale very often, but they are typically the lowest priced units in the city, with the most recent sale being a 645 square foot 1 bedroom, for just $120,000! You can also find townhouses in the area ranging anywhere from the mid 200’s to the mid 300’s.

I do have to mention that there are streets in the neighbourhood that are a bit less pretty, some with overgrown yards, or lots of junk out front and things like that. But it's not everywhere, its just pretty hit & miss based on who is living in each property. But there are a lot of streets that are very well maintained by the owners as well!

I really find that It's a great community for first time buyers and singles who are just starting out, but retirees also like it, as many of them want to downsize and find a cozy place that's easy to take care of.

We also featured Big Springs in our top 5 family friendly neighbourhoods, not only for its value, but for its proximity to Genesis Rec Centre. Big Springs is at most only about a 5 minute drive away from Airdrie’s only rec center and East Lake Park, which means you’ll be in prime spot for recreation. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the pools, gymnasiums, skate rinks, fitness centers, gymnastics and play gyms, and more.

Families with young kids here love that their children can walk to school, especially the younger ones, with an elementary right in the community. Kids grade K-5 will attend R.J. Hawkey School, kids grade 6-8 will attend Meadowbrook Middle School which is just across east lake Boulevard from Big Springs. Kids grade 9-12 will attend Bert Church High School, which i right beside the rec center on the north end of the neighbourhood. For more outdoor amenities, Big Springs has 4 playgrounds, an athletic park, and Airdrie’s largest and longest dog park.

From an overall location standpoint, the neighbourhood is great because its at the corner of Yankee Valley Boulevard and the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, which provides easy routes for those who commute to Calgary. You can also make quick trips to Costco or Cross Iron Mills mall.

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You’ll also be close to the commercial area of Kingsview Market and Yankee Valley Crossing, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle. Between these two shopping areas you’ll find all the shopping you need, plus other activities and restaurantes, I don’t think there will be much you can’t find. Plus new businesses are always popping up on East Lake Boulevard or Kingsview Boulevard, and checking them out will be a breeze.

Keep in mind, it can get pretty busy with traffic around rush hour, and it does tend to back up Yankee Valley Boulevard. All in all though, Big Springs makes for a great choice if you prioritize owning your property outright, want easy access to amenities, and don’t mind its quirks. If you can get into a quiet cul de sac, with good neighbours, I think you can be extremely happy with living here.

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- Brad Walker


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